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10 Amazing and Unique AirBNBs For Your Next Travel Assignment

Travel nurses looking for housing can stay in a beautiful Victoria home, such as this one.

It’s definitely convenient to take company-provided housing for your travel assignments, but if you’re looking for something a little more unique, then finding your own AirBNB can be an incredible (and easy) experience. If you’ve never used AirBNB before, it’s a matter of conducting a simple search through the website and scheduling your dates all Read more…

The Travel Nurse Packing List

A pink suitcase full of travel nurse essentials, such as a camera, journal, and scarf.

With your next travel assignment right around the corner, you’ve only got a few more things to do and one of them is to pack. Here is our ultimate list of essentials to help guide you. Please note this list is intended for someone who is either taking company-paid housing or has found a furnished place to stay. Read more…

4 Places You Should Take Your Next Travel Assignment

Two female travel nurses smiling and holding a map in their car.

Trying to decide where your next travel assignment should be can be a challenge, especially when not every location is a major city you’ve already heard of. If you know a little bit more about what a place has to offer, you’ll be one step ahead. Here are four exciting options to consider: 1. Marshfield, Wisconsin. Die-hard autumn Read more…

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