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MN Twin Cities Nurse Work Stoppage

We are currently accepting applications for a potential work stoppage in October or November.

If you have applied, you do not need to apply again. Simply let us know you are still interested by emailing us at twincitiesa@mssi.com.


An Award-Winning Healthcare and Travel Nurse Staffing Agency

MSSI is an award-winning healthcare and travel nurse staffing agency placing healthcare professionals all over the country. Join our travel team for an adventurous, high-paying career path and enjoy the flexibility that comes with travel nursing! Our premium salary and benefits packages are among the best in the industry and we have been placed as a TOP Travel Healthcare Agency by BluePipes and Travel Nursing Central since 2014.

highest pay

in the industry

We offer you the highest travel nurse and healthcare pay packages up front, so there’s no need to negotiate for the pay you deserve – we give it to you right off the bat.


we’re one of the top agencies

BluePipes used over 79,000 reviews from sources such as Google, Facebook, and Travel Nursing Central to bring you their list of the best travel nurse companies in the country and MSSI has placed on this Top 20 list consistently every year.

direct contracts

with all of our facilities

MSSI is privately-owned and only staffs at facilities that we have direct contracts with, so our travel nurses get better experiences and better pay packages.

THE BEST benefits

in the industry

Travel nurses with MSSI can enjoy first day Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life insurance with Eligible contracts. PLUS, MSSI contributes $250 per month towards the Medical plan you choose from.

#TravelLife // Where will travel nursing take you?

MSSI travelers at a Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic in Minneapolis

Travel Nurse Danielle hiking in the beautiful Midwest while on assignment

MSSI travelers working a Covid-19 drive-through testing site

MSSI travelers hitting the beach in sunny California