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Welcome to MSSI, an award-winning healthcare staffing agency specializing in placing healthcare professionals nationwide. As a member of our travel team, you’ll gain access to some of the highest paying travel nursing jobs in the industry, along with the flexibility and benefits that come with this career path. Our premium salary packages and comprehensive benefits reflect our commitment to providing exceptional compensation. Since 2014, we have consistently ranked as a top travel nurse company by BluePipes and Travel Nursing Central. Our dedicated and responsive recruiters are committed to assisting you at every step. Join MSSI for a rewarding and fulfilling career in healthcare staffing.

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highest pay

in the industry

We offer you the highest paying healthcare pay packages up front, so there’s no need to negotiate for the pay you deserve – we give it to you right off the bat.


we’re one of the top agencies

BluePipes used over 79,000 reviews from sources such as Google, Facebook, and Travel Nursing Central to bring you their list of the best travel nurse companies in the country and MSSI has placed on this Top 20 list consistently every year.

direct contracts

with all of our facilities

MSSI is privately-owned and only staffs at facilities that we have direct contracts with, so our travel nurses get better experiences and better pay packages.

THE BEST benefits

in the industry

Travel nurses with MSSI can enjoy first day Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life insurance with Eligible contracts. PLUS, MSSI contributes $250 per month towards the Medical plan you choose from.

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