What Your Recruiter Wants You To Know

What Your Recruiter Wants You To Know

Having a recruiter that you like and trust is truly PRICELESS. And since many, if not most, travelers have worked with a number of recruiters from different agencies, it’s not uncommon to feel a bit weary about recruiters. However, building a strong recruiter relationship with great communication can take your assignment from good to great.

Here are a few things your travel nurse recruiter wants you to know!

“We work for YOU. Our job is to further your career and make your travel journey as easy and effortless as possible. And we take pride in making sure that you have a good experience dealing with us in every way.”

“Keep all your documents organized and up to date. It will cause you less headaches if you make sure all your health documents, licensing, and certifications are up to date and safely stored in one location. I recommend uploading those documents digitally in a folder so you can access them anywhere at any time.”

“Recruiters don’t set the rates! We wish the pay rates were $10,000 per week all the time, too!”

“Also, remember to keep a list of Supervisors/Managers/Directors from each of your previous employers/assignments that are willing to serve as references. Keep track of their phone numbers, work email and personal email (if given).”

“Don’t forget that you can utilize previous Prophecy assessments and checklists, if done within the last year, that may have been filled out with another agency. Save these as PDFs and email them alongside your resume to your recruiter.”

“Your assignment will go by faster than you think. Make sure you enjoy your new location while you’re there. And definitely try the local food!”

“Communication is key!”

“Before you look for your next assignment, ask yourself if you’re open and willing to get a new state license. What matters the most to you? Is it money? Location? Shift? Knowing these things will make finding your next assignment much easier.”