Traveler of the Quarter: Benjamin Slowinski

Meet Benjamin, our exceptional Dietician and 2024 Q4 Traveler of the Quarter! Right from the beginning, his remarkable patience shone through. His onboarding journey was nothing short of stellar, with outstanding communication and compliance efforts. To add to the challenges he faced with the interview process, just a week into his role, Benjamin’s hiring manager left the organization. However, Ben seamlessly stepped up, navigating the department and facility on his own through this transitional period.

The accolades for Benjamin continued pouring in when his department leader sent a glowing email praising his interactions with patients, staff, and providers. Described as a perfect fit for the department and facility, Benjamin’s dedication did not go unnoticed. His new manager even requested that he extend his assignment through April 2024. True to his commitment, Benjamin agreed to stay onboard!

Throughout the credentialing process, even in moments of frustration, Benjamin remained calm and professional. His responsiveness to calls and emails is commendable, always ending his conversations with kind words. Benjamin’s infectious smile can be heard in every interaction, making him a joy to work with.

Benjamin has proven to be an outstanding representative for MSSI at our facility, embodying the qualities that make him an invaluable part of our team. Congratulations on winning our 2024 Q4 Traveler of the Quarter!

All About Ben

Name or Nickname (if any): Ben

Hometown: Indian River Michigan

How long have you been traveling for? 4 years roughly

Where did you take your first travel assignment? Upstate New York just before Covid hit

Best thing about travel dietitian: Making new friends everywhere I go

Fun Fact (if any!): I’ve been teaching myself to write programs and I’ve written a to-do app and an app that modifies Spotify playlists.