Travel Nursing after Retirement

Travel Nursing After Retirement

You’ve retired! But yet, there is something drawing you back to healthcare. Deciding to come out of retirement to become a travel nurse or to take a job in travel healthcare is a significant decision, and there are several compelling reasons why a nurse might choose to make this career decision.

Explore the country. Travel nursing offers the opportunity to work in different places throughout the country for short periods of time – typically 8 to 13 weeks at a time. For someone seeking adventure and variety, this can be an exciting way to blend work and exploration. If you have children or other family living around the country, this can also be a great way to spend more time with them while still having a career.

Flexibility in scheduling. Travel nursing often provides flexibility in scheduling. Nurses can choose assignments that align with their preferred work hours or take breaks between contracts to enjoy personal time. As most assignments are typically 13 weeks, it gives you time to travel and also the opportunity to take weeks off in between assignments.

Supplemental income. Retirement might not always be financially comfortable for everyone. Travel nursing can provide a means to supplement retirement income, allowing nurses to enjoy financial stability or even save more for the future with a low commitment.

Professional growth. Travel nursing exposes retired nurses to diverse healthcare settings, challenging them to adapt to new situations. This can contribute to ongoing professional development and the maintenance of clinical skills. As they say, you’re never done learning!

Social networking. Travel nursing gives you the opportunity to meet new people, both personally and professionally. Building a network of colleagues and friends in different locations can be exciting and fulfilling.

Giving back and helping in high-need areas. Retired nurses may feel a sense of duty or a desire to contribute to areas with a shortage of healthcare professionals. Travel nursing allows them to lend their skills where they are most needed.

Creating a new sense of purpose. Some retired nurses miss the sense of purpose and fulfillment that comes with nursing. Travel nursing provides an avenue to rekindle that sense of purpose and make a positive impact on patients’ lives.

Delaying Social Security benefits. Delaying the start of Social Security benefits often results in higher monthly payments. Some retirees choose to return to work to bridge the gap before claiming Social Security, raising future benefits.

Health insurance benefits. Travel nursing assignments often come with health insurance benefits, which can be especially attractive for retired nurses who may not have access to employer-sponsored healthcare. MSSI provides medical/dental/health insurance starting on the first day of your assignment for qualifying assignments.

Before making the decision to come out of retirement for travel nursing, carefully consider your personal and financial situations and talk to a recruiter who understands your needs when it comes to taking an assignment! To contact any of the recruiters at MSSI, you can call 877-217-9825 or email