Traveler of the Quarter: Ron Fleming

Here at MSSI, we love recognizing our outstanding caregivers who go above and beyond to provide excellent care. Our first Traveler of the Quarter for 2024 is none other than Ron Fleming, Travel Radiology Technologist.

Ron was nominated by his recruiter, Jen McGeady, receiving praise for his exceptional performance as a travel MRI/CT Tech.

According to Jen, Ron has made a remarkable impact at his facility. His skills in MRI/CT technology not only met but exceeded expectations. He’s been described as a “fantastic MRI/CT Tech” by Jen, who highlighted his positive attitude, teamwork, and willingness to take on challenges.

Ron was also praised for his exceptional communication skills. Whether talking to fellow healthcare workers or patients, he’s known for explaining things clearly and kindly, making him a real asset to any team.

In a recent meeting between facility leaders and MSSI, Ron’s name was met with high praise. His professionalism, reliability, and overall great work were applauded, confirming his status as a “dream traveler.”

As we celebrate Ron’s achievements, we’re reminded of the huge impact dedicated healthcare workers have on others. Ron’s commitment to excellence inspires us all and perfectly represents our company’s values and the wider healthcare community.