Traveler of the Quarter – Maggie Hester

Say hello to Maggie Hester – travel nurse extraordinaire! Maggie has been with MSSI since the company first began. Her most recent travel contracts have been COVID-19 assignments. Although exhausting – physically and emotionally – her Account Manager has received numerous compliments from the Patient Care Supervisor and Maggie’s coworkers on how wonderful she is to her patients.

Traveler of the Quarter - Maggie Hester

Here is just one of the messages we received about Maggie Hester:

“I have been informed that Maggie takes the time to give patients who have died a calm sponge bath, quietly speaks to them and prays. These actions have many of the nurses look up to Maggie and, yes, cry outside of patients’ rooms. Death has become more common for the hospitals than ever before and Maggie is making sure we don’t lose the compassion patients and their families need. She looks at each of her patients as someone’s child, mother, father, sister, brother, grandparent. I know there are times she has seen her co-workers overwhelmed and she has always offered to assist them. What an amazing person she is and she is an MSSIer.”

Maggie, thanks so much for all you do! The world needs more Maggie Hesters!

About Maggie:

Name or Nickname: My Name is Margaret Njeri Hester know by most as Maggie…sometimes I wonder I had to have such a long name.

Hometown: I am originally from Nairobi, Kenya but have lived in Cameron, Wisconsin for the past 19 years with my amazing supportive husband Ben and our only child Zawadi Hester.

How long have you been traveling for? I have been traveling for 3 years as an RN and my first assignment was in Eau Claire, Wisconsin at Sacred Heart Hospital. However, I traveled as a CNA with MSSI about 19 or 20 years ago!

Best thing about travel nursing: Meeting new people, giving the authentic version of myself to my patients and walking away from a facility knowing that I did and gave my very best.

Fun Fact about Maggie: I am the life of the party…per most of those close to me. I’m not tooting my own horn…but…toot toot…lol!