Traveler of the Quarter: Kelvin

Congratulations our Traveler of the Quarter for 2023 Q1, Kelvin Esemomoh!

Kelvin was nominated by his dedicated recruiter, Brittany.

“Kelvin is an exceptional traveler. He has gone up and beyond to assist the facility with their needs and he always has a positive attitude. Every time I speak with Kelvin, I can hear that he’s smiling and I know that he brings that energy to every shift,” says Brittany.

More about Kelvin:

Hometown: Tampa, FL.

How long have you been a Sterile Processing Tech? 5 years

Where did you take your first travel assignment? Milwaukee, WI.

Favorite thing about traveling? Travelling allows me visit different states, try different food, meet and work with many interesting people. Pushes my ability to adapt to different work environments and colleagues.

I also like being able to take time off between assignments.

How do you spend a day off? I spend my day off from doing anything out doors like walks in the parks, to going to the mall, & the movies.

What are you looking forward to doing on your current travel assignment? Seeing that I love working with children I am looking forward to continue to give my best here at children’s hospital.

Congratulations to Kelvin and thank you for all you do!