Holiday Happiness Beyond Home for Travel Nurses

MSSI Travel Nursing during the Holidays

Being a travel nurse during the holiday comes with countless benefits, such as exploring new and exciting cities, earning a lucrative salary, and making new friendships. While the festive season might pose challenges away from your familiar traditions, transform it into a memorable experience. Check out our tips on how you can make the most of the holidays while on assignment.

Connect with Loved Ones:

Schedule a FaceTime or Zoom session with your family and friends. Have mom and dad walk you through their holiday decorations, have a virtual coffee with your sister, and Facetime your high school BFF to catch up on the latest gossip and you’ll feel like you never left.

Host or Attend a Holiday Potluck:

Celebrate the season with fellow travel nurses by organizing a “Friendsgiving” or joining a holiday potluck with your new colleagues. Embrace the camaraderie of those sharing a similar experience of being away from home.

Explore Local Holiday Events:

Immerse yourself in the unique celebrations of your temporary home by discovering popular local holiday events. From wreath-making classes to European-style Christmas markets, indulge in the festive spirit of your new city.

Deck the Halls of Your Space:

Transform your living space with holiday cheer by decorating it with simple yet festive decorations. A miniature tree, twinkling lights, and other seasonal décor can really change your surroundings and make the holidays special.

Cook or Bake Favorite Holiday Treats:

Bring a piece of home to your new city by recreating cherished recipes. Share these traditions with your coworkers, and consider trying new recipes together. The joy of homemade treats can be a bonding experience.

Volunteer in the Community:

Give back to your temporary community by participating in holiday volunteering opportunities. Many organizations host special programs, offering a fulfilling way to connect with others and contribute positively to your surroundings.

Organize a Gift Exchange:

Create a sense of camaraderie within your unit by organizing a holiday gift exchange. Whether it’s a Secret Santa, White Elephant, or small stocking stuffers, spreading Christmas cheer with your coworkers can foster a sense of unity.

Take a Festive Getaway:

Maximize your time in the new city by exploring nearby destinations with holiday festivities. Day trips or weekend getaways during the holidays can turn into memorable adventures, creating lasting impressions.

Stay Active with Holiday-themed Fitness:

Participate in holiday-themed fitness events or outdoor activities available in your new city. Many places host runs, walks, or other festive events, providing a fun and healthy way to celebrate the season.

Embrace the unique opportunities presented by your new location, and find joy in creating your own holiday traditions as a holiday travel nurse.