Featured Location:
Nashville, Tennessee

The best of the music city is waiting for you right here when you take your next travel assignment in Nashville, Tennessee. You may be here for the famous country music hall of fame or to visit the Grand Ole Opry, or maybe you’re a history buff and want to check out the historic sites from the revolutionary war. Whatever it may be, Nashville is an incredible place for a Travel Nurse to explore culture and discover rich history.

Nashville for Travel Nurses

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee may be the perfect travel nurse assignment for you if:

  • Live and breathe country music
  • You may be a nurse, but your real dream is to become a country singer.
  • You don’t know what a Goo Goo Cluster is, but you’re dying to find out!


A perfect day in Nashville…

Let’s start this day off right by getting some caffeine. At the Frothy Monkey, you can’t go wrong with their classic Hummingbird drink (espresso with steamed milk, cinnamon, and pecans) with pastries and sandwiches to go!

Stop by the Country Music Hall of Fame. Two floors filled with over 2.5 million artifacts surround the evolution of country music in American History. So, take a step back into the past and experience the incredible history of music.

Catch a live concert at the Grand Ole Opry. They still host live concerts and such, you just have to check for availability. Check it here!

Then by the end the day check out a southern-style dish and go “goo goo” for dessert. Check out Prince’s Hot Chicken! Chicken coated with a thick layer of cayenne pepper and other spices served up with pickles on top of tasty white bread

End the day with Goo Goo Clusters. How can you say no to marshmallows covered in milk chocolate filled with nougats, and caramel with peanuts?

Must See Places for a Travel Nurse

The Food Company

The south may be known for their sweet tea, but Nashville has plenty to offer in the ways of cocktails. Experience a greenhouse bar vibe at The Food Company with signature cocktails such as the “Island Mule” or the classic “Nashville Old Fashioned.”

Prince's Hot Chicken Sandwich

Prince’s Hot Chicken

Now this is a *must try* – chicken coated with a thick layer of cayenne pepper and other spices served up with pickles on top of white bread.

The Goo Goo Shop in Nashville

Goo Goo Chocolate Co

Famous for their delicious milk chocolate-covered candy, dripping in layers of marshmallow nougats and caramel with peanuts. You haven’t experienced Nashville until you’ve tried one.