Traveler Photos: Fall Favorites!

We have received so many wonderful traveler photos in our latest Traveler Photo Contest that we absolutely must share! Let’s start with our runner-ups. Enjoy!


Runner-up: Ariel K: Diablo Lake in Washington State. My first assignment!

Runner-up: Earnest W: I had just ended a long night-shift working in Miami doing a COVID contract in September. I was worn out and beaten from many night shifts. It was such a beautiful morning and all I can think about was how blessed I am to be able to help others.

Runner-up: Eileen C: This was a trip with my daughter to the top of Mt Washington in North Conway, New Hampshire while I was on assignment in Massachusetts.

Runner-up: M. Saleem: I was on assignment in the Bay Area and one weekend that I had off, I decided to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway to Los Angeles. It took about 9 hours to make the drive with all the twists and winding road, but it was one of the best drives that I had ever taken! The views were amazing! I stopped at almost every pull over nook to take pictures. I got to see and hear the elephant seals basking on the beach, and watched a gorgeous sunset. I am so thankful for travel nursing. I had never been to California before and travel nursing brought me to the west coast.

Runner-up: Maria T: On a COVID contract in Lodi, CA. With 2 Airforce RNs that were deployed from Travis Airforce Base to combat COVID. We are at a winery in Lodi, CA.

Runner-up: Michelle S: Snow tubing in Kewaunee, WI with my husband Jamie while on assignment in Neenah, WI! Can’t wait to do it again!
Runner-up: Tracy L.S: Taking a break during antibody testing with my new friend and amazing teammate Rachel Worthington, MN.

3rd place: Justin H.

Currently on assignment in New Mexico where this sunset picture was taken with my fiancé in it.

2nd place: Ben L.

While in assignment in Arizona, my wife and I had time during off days to explore the beautiful area around us including several hikes in Sedona.

First Place: David B.

I was on assignment near the Outer Banks when I missed the ferry off Ocracoke Island, where history says Blackbeard met his end. I was effectively marooned, so I pitched a tent, grabbed my tripod, and began shooting photos of the Milky Way galaxy, with Mars to the side. 






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