The Travel Nurse Packing List

Travel nurse luggage on the bed

With your next travel assignment right around the corner, you’ve only got a few more things to do and one of them is to pack. Here is our ultimate list of essentials to help guide you. Please note this list is intended for someone who is either taking company-paid housing or has found a furnished place to stay. See something missing? Please share your tips in the comments!

Household Items:
*If you are taking company housing, check with your recruiter to see if any of these items are already provided.
1. Dishes and glassware
2. Pots and pans
3. Bakeware (cookie sheets, cake pans, etc.)
4. Measuring cups and spoons
5. Coffeemaker
6. Coffee mugs
7. Cutting board
8. Sheets, blankets, pillows
9. Towels
10. Shower curtain
11. Laundry basket
12. Trash basket
13. Clothing hangers
14. Flashlight

Other Household Items to Consider:
15. Wine glasses
16. Corkscrew
17. Microwave*
18. Mixing bowls
19. Pizza cutter
20. TV*
21. DVD player
22. Storage totes
*Larger items can often be rented from a local place or purchased from a pawn shop, then resold at the end.

Cleaning Items:
23. Mop and pail
24. Broom and dustpan
25. Iron and ironing board
26. Small vacuum

Personal Items:
27. Electronic chargers
28. Cell phone
29. Alarm clock
30. Laptop or tablet
31. Wi-Fi router
32. Driver’s license
33. Social Security card
34. Copy of birth certificate
35. Copy of nursing credentials and licensing
36. First day instructions
37. The right colored scrubs for your new assignment
38. Hairdryer


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