Silos in Healthcare

By Jenny Palmgren, BSN, RN, Clinical Nurse Manager, MSSI

Think of the last time you sat in a meeting with your coworkers. Did you look around and wonder what they all do in their departments? In healthcare, we fall victim to this all the time as we tend to ask only the staff on our unit of their previous experiences, when indeed it is best to reach out to other units and individuals that may have more experience.

Besides utilizing the knowledge and experience of our coworkers in different units, we can also find amazing resources within sister hospitals. We should make it our goal to reach out and learn about new and effective processes, practices and training that others are using. This type of knowledge sharing is what is best for the patients that are served in any community that you may work in.

In our current healthcare systems, many are doing a disservice to the patients as they struggle to create processes around a process, task, etc., in fear that someone may be in competition with them.

I just spoke to a friend who was trying to get information about a clinic. When she asked around for similar information, she was not welcomed by staff as they saw it as competition.

Why does it matter when the end goals are to help support patients and communities? There should be no competition as the goal is to be advocates for our patients and this can’t be done if our own profession blocks us from doing so.

Don’t be afraid of networking and reaching out to other nurses, hospital organizations and doing your own research to assist in finding ways of best practices. Why re-invent the wheel when it really isn’t needed? If we share our knowledge as a profession, then we will meet the needs of the patients and communities we serve.

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