Self-Care During Crazy Times

Self-Care During Crazy Times

Self-care matters more than ever now. While taking care of patients can be incredibly rewarding, we’re hearing more and more of our healthcare travelers feeling completely burned out. Here are a few ways to make conscious acts to promote your own physical, mental, and emotional health.

Prioritize sleep. No, really. Right now, you’re probably committed to working 48-60+ hours per week. While it’s tempting to lay in bed catching up on Instagram, put the phone down and prioritize sleep. Having a hard time drifting off after an insane shift? Try praying or meditating. Make sure your room is free of distractions. Invest in a good sound machine or black-out curtains if you need to.

Remember, food is fuel. What you eat has a direct impact on your health and the way you feel, so make a direct effort to choose healthy options whenever you can. Check out this article: These foods will boost your mood and make you feel happy

Get some fresh air. Being outside in nature can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and sleep better. Studies show that a simple stroll in the park can help combat depression and anxiety, inspire you, and help you connect – even more than working out at an indoor gym.

Mentally un-plug on your days off. Let’s be real – you get enough COVID-19 discussions at work. Use your days off to have a bit of an escape. Get the extra sleep you need, go for a slow walk outside, soak in the tub for once, or dive into a great book. Check out the New York Times Best Sellers List here.

Lean on family and friends. While sending text messages is convenient, instead, set up a virtual get together! Have coffee (or wine) with your mom or your best friend. Face to face contact is good for the soul, even if it can’t be in person at the moment.

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