MSSI Referral Program Details

*COVID-19 and other Rapid Response assignments are ineligible for the Referral Bonus Program.* 

Neither Employees of MSSI or their family members are eligible to participate in the bonus program.
To be eligible for the referral bonus, the referred candidate must be a new contact to MSSI – not already in MSSI databases. Only one bonus is available per referred clinician even if they take multiple assignments.

A referred candidate must start an assignment with MSSI within 1 year of their initial referral and they must successfully complete a 13-week assignment. Successfully completed assignments are those wherein the candidate works 13 working weeks and at least 468 hours for 36 hour/week assignment or 520 hours for 40 hours/week assignments.

Referral Bonuses are split in even amounts between the referrer and the referred caregiver, i.e a $500 bonus for a successfully completed assignment is paid out to each party in equal $250.00 amounts.

Referred clinicians must start an assignment within one year of the application date associated with that referral. In a case of dual-referrals or two new candidates applying at the same time and referring each other, only one referral bonus will be paid.

If you qualify to receive a referral bonus and have taken an assignment within the current or previous calendar year, you will receive your bonus automatically through your current payroll. If you qualify for the bonus but are not an employee of MSSI or have not taken an assignment within the current or past calendar year, you will receive a payment via electronic payments within approximately 30 days of your referee completing his or her assignment.  For non-employees to receive a bonus they must complete a W9 at the time the referral is made.

All federal, state and local taxes are the sole responsibility of the person receiving the bonus, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Any person receiving a bonus will be required to provide his/her social security number for tax reporting purposes. The value of the bonus will be reported on the applicable IRS form (W-2 or 1099-MISC) and reported as taxable income by January 31st of the following year.
MSSI reserves the right to change the referral programs terms and conditions and end the program at any time.