Meet Kelly!

Kelly is an MSSI recruiter and has been for three years! Kelly is from Sheboygan, Wisconsin but moved to Minnesota when she accepted her position at MSSI. When Kelly is not in the office, she loves to cook and bake. Kelly also found a new interest in flower arranging and gardening. Read some of the Q and A’s to learn more about Kelly!

Q: What is your best piece of advice for travel nurses?

A: Never hesitate to reach out to your recruiter. In this business we conduct most of our transactions via text, email, messenger, etc. I think important details can be lost that way sometimes. A good old-fashioned phone call can do a lot for both of us!

Q: If you were a traveler, where would you take your next assignment?

A: This is an easy one for me. I would love to spend some time in Seattle!

Q: If you were a nurse, what specialty would you want to be?

A: If I were a nurse, I would want to be a Labor and Delivery RN. I actually went to nursing school many years ago. I loved my labor and delivery clinical rotation!

Q: What do you love about MSSI and being a recruiter?

A: I have the perfect trifecta right now! I can:

1. Work remotely ~ I love being able to sit on my patio with my laptop and work while getting some fresh air! Working remotely also gives me the ability to spend more time with friends and family who do not live in the area.

2. Work as a recruiter ~ I have always loved the recruiting aspects of my jobs. It is a fulfilling day when you can help someone obtain employment and help the client fill a need! Travel assignments add a level of fun, excitement, and chaos to it all!

3. Work with a great company ~ We have a very special team at MSSI. I have made some great friends already. We know how to have a good time together whether in the office or out for a social gathering.

Q: What is something interesting about you that many people do not know?

A: Before moving to Minnesota, I started my own business, Kelly’s Cupcake Kitchen.