Update on Potential Minnesota Nursing Strike

Twin Cities Work Stoppage

POSTED 12-6-2022

The Minnesota Nurses Union has come to a tentative agreement with their facilities this morning. MSSI wants to thank you for being so diligent on becoming compliant with us for the Minnesota Nursing Strike and sticking with us through this long process. Whether you worked Round 1 with us in September or were preparing to work Round 2 of the MN nursing strike, we want to continue working with you for future opportunities.

Looking for a quick short-term assignment?

We currently have short term travel assignments within your specialty all over the country and since we have a majority, if not all of your compliance current and completed, we would love to speak with you regarding your interest in these opportunities today. In many cases we would be able to get you into a new assignment by Monday if you desired. Please reach out if you are interested in speaking with a recruiter regarding our open positions.

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