Insurance for Travel Nurses: Everything You Need To Know.

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Staying covered with insurance as a travel nurse or other travel healthcare professional is important, which is why we are proud to offer one of the best benefits packages in the industry, including comprehensive health insurance starting day one. Here is the 411 on our premium benefit – INSURANCE.

Who is eligible for insurance? Any caregiver who is taking a 13+ working week assignment is eligible to choose from MSSI’s different options, including Single and Family plans. If you take a 1-week vacation during your assignment, you will need to add a week to the end of your assignment to bring the length back to 13 working weeks to be eligible. In addition, you must work a minimum of 30 hours per week.

How much will my insurance cost? MSSI contributes $350 per month towards medical coverage, but how much your insurance will cost depends on which plan(s) you choose from our different options. (MSSI currently offers a Single plan option that is completely covered by us!) If you decide to opt out of our insurance options, you are not eligible for the $350 per month. If the plan you choose exceeds the $350 per month, the additional amount will be automatically deducted from your weekly paycheck.

Does MSSI offer Vision and Dental? Yes! MSSI offers both Vision and Dental coverage.

When will my coverage start and end? Your insurance coverage goes into effect on the first day of your assignment and ends on the last day.

What happens after I end my assignment? If you wish to maintain coverage through MSSI, you are allowed a 3-day grace period between contracts in order to ensure continuous coverage. If the time off is more than 3 days, then you have the option of continuing your insurance through COBRA (1-800-422-4661). When your new assignment starts, you will be able to re-enroll in the insurance plan of your choice, as long as you have an eligible assignment.

How do I sign up for insurance? Prior to the start of your assignment, you will receive an email that includes the link to enroll online. The process is very simple! You will be allowed to make elections up to 14 days after your start date.

How will I get my benefits card? Your Anthem (Medical and Vision) benefits card will be mailed to the address we have on file for you. Cards are also available online for viewing and printing approximately 7-10 days after enrolling online should you need plan information for any appointments or prescriptions before you receive your physical cards.  Your Companion Life (Dental) benefits card will be emailed to you.

Can I change my insurance coverage? There are two time periods when you can change your coverage. One is during MSSI’s Open Enrollment, which happens in early November of each year (The changes go into effect December 1st). The other time period is when you have a Life Qualifying Event, such as getting married, having a child, getting a divorce, loss of coverage, etc. Should one of these things happen and you need to make a change, contact your representative at MSSI within two weeks of the event date.

Do you offer Life Insurance? Yes! MSSI pays for a $15,000 Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment plan for eligible travelers. You may purchase additional Life Insurance and AD&D for yourself, your spouse and/or your dependents if you wish. The additional charge will be deducted from your paycheck.


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