Whether you’re been traveling for 10+ years or are just dabbling with the idea of starting a travel healthcare professional career, it is our goal to answer your questions, so you can make informed decisions. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions from other Travel Healthcare Professionals below.

How do I become a travel healthcare professional?

You have come to the right place – first time travelers are our specialty! The best thing to do starting out would be to investigate what qualifications are needed for your specialty. This will help determine if you are ready to start your travel career or if you should hold off until you have the necessary qualifications. If you have the necessary qualifications we always recommend contacting multiple agencies/recruiters to find at least 2-3 that meet your requirements and that you are comfortable working with. Check out: 9 Steps to Becoming a Travel Nurse. We are happy to connect you with a recruiter who has been trained to answer your questions with no pressure. Contact a recruiter

What are the requirements to become a travel healthcare professional?

Requirements can vary from facility to facility, assignment to assignment and state to state. Typically, individual state (or compact) licensing and/or certifications are needed. We are proud to be part of a select group of Joint Commission certified travel agencies, so our Travel Healthcare Professionals are required to have a minimum of one year of experience. (Certain specialties may require more experience for consideration.)

How will I get to my travel assignment?

We do provide a travel stipend to help you cover costs associated with getting to and from your new assignment whether you fly or drive. We do recommend bringing your own vehicle so you can explore your new city freely.

What benefits does MSSI offer for Travel Healthcare Professionals?

Besides offering some of the most competitive paying packages in the industry, MSSI offers $350 towards your monthly premium on one of our individual or family medical plans for all assignments that are 13 weeks or longer. We also provide dental and vision plans at a reduced cost. We offer a $500 travel stipend for out-of-state travelers and a $250 travel stipend for in-state travelers. Additional benefits include life insurance, 401(k) plans, and company-paid housing (fully furnished, private) or generous weekly housing stipends. Your individual MSSI recruiter is also available to you 24/7.

Can I travel with family, friends, or pets to my assignments?

Yes, travel nursing is a great way to explore the country with your family or friends. If you choose our company-paid, completely furnished and private housing, your specialist will work with you to find housing that fits your needs.

What about housing? Where will I live during my travel assignment?

Where you live during your assignment is completely your decision. If you elect to find your own accommodations, we do provide a housing stipend based on the cost of living in your travel location. If you would prefer we find your housing (this option is available in most locations), then we generally house our travelers in a one-bedroom apartment, close to their travel facility, furnish it, provide housewares and cover your utility costs up to $125 per month (Cable and internet not included). Check out this article from our blog.

How much do travel healthcare professionals make?

This can be an area that is very frustrating for travelers because most agencies will not advertise their pay packages. Instead, they require the traveler to fill out an application and talk with a recruiter prior to providing pay details. At MSSI you don’t need to be an expert negotiator, we will always disclose the pre-set pay rate for assignments prior to having travelers apply (all travelers with the same specialty and location are paid the same). We also advertise our positions with pay details and provide a listing of our assignments with pay packages on our website. Check out our current assignments here. For more information on travel pay packages click here. Keep in mind, as with most jobs, how much a travel healthcare professional makes can vary greatly depending on specialty, location and agency.

How often will I get paid?

Our travelers are paid weekly (Monday) via direct deposit. Once you start your assignment your first check will comes after your second week of work.

What happens when my travel assignment ends? Will there be continuous work?

When you initially apply with MSSI you are assigned a recruiter who is there to support you.
Your recruiter will do their best to help secure a new assignment or to extend your current assignment far in advance of your assignment ending.

Does MSSI offer a referral bonus?

Yes! Under our referral program, once you have completed a 13-week assignment in good standing, you can earn a $500 referral bonus for anyone you refer who also completes a 13-week assignment with us. Ask your recruiter for more details.

If you would like to speak with a recruiter, give us a call at 877-217-9825.
If you would like to apply with MSSI, click here.

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