Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

*Continue to watch this page for more information as the situation progresses.

First and foremost, MSSI’s top priority is the health and well-being of our caregivers. The information surrounding COVID-19, at both the national and local level, continues to be fluid as new information is presented daily. As these circumstances progress, it is our promise to inform you as soon as we have new information and be here for you every step of the way. We thank you for your dedication, everything you have done, and will do in the weeks to come.


What do I do if the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads into my location while on assignment? 

Keeping updated on the spread of COVID-19 is very important. Please stay in close communication with your recruiter and inform them of any important changes you may incur.

What if my facility treats patients with COVID-19 while on assignment? 

MSSI understands the potential risk of exposure involved in having a confirmed case of COVID-19 be reported from your assigned facility. If you are actively caring for a confirmed COVID-19 patient, please let your recruiter know so MSSI is aware of your increased exposure.

What if I’m exposed to COVID-19 while tending to a patient? 

In the event you are exposed to COVID-19 while caring for a patient, you are required to follow the facility’s procedures regarding exposure and then notify your recruiter as soon as possible. Reporting your incident provides necessary documentation of the occurrence for future handling. At this time, the next steps will be highly dependent on the risk-status of your assigned facility and the protocols in place.

Is MSSI working on higher pay due to my increased risk? 

Yes. MSSI has already reached out to each of our facilities to share with them the terms and conditions of what our Caregivers can expect in the event of a high-risk situation. Once a facility declares they have escalated to operating in high-risk status, MSSI will take immediate action on your behalf.

What happens if I am placed on a 14-day quarantine while on assignment? 

MSSI is actively working with our facilities to establish safety protocols as well as outlined plans regarding compensations if you are placed on a 14-day quarantine due to exposure at the facility. As soon as we have developed a plan with your facility, we will be passing that information along to you.

Will I be paid if I am placed on a 14-day quarantine while on assignment?

If your facility requires you to self quarantine for up to 14 days, we will pay the taxable rate and stipends in full during that time. *For caregivers currently out on a regular MSSI assignment as of March 17, 2020.