Traveler Photos: Fall Favorites!

We have received so many wonderful traveler photos in our latest Traveler Photo Contest that we absolutely must share! Let’s start with our runner-ups. Enjoy! Runner-Ups 3rd place: Justin H. 2nd place: Ben L. First Place: David B. I was on assignment near the Outer Banks when I missed the ferry off Ocracoke Island, where Read more…

Travel Inspo: Fall 2020

Travel nursing is one of the most rewarding and exciting careers in healthcare. What other job allows you to live in different cities multiple times a year? When you’re trying to decide where to go this fall, consider one of these 5 great spots that MSSI Team Members picked out! Rapid City, SD Rapid City Read more…

10 Reasons to Make Detroit Your Next Travel Assignment

Heading to Michigan for your next travel assignment? You’re in for an amazing 13 weeks! Not only are the pay rates some of the highest in the country, but the city and surrounding suburbs of Detroit offer endless amounts of entertainment for your days off. You may even just find yourself looking for an extension. Check out just a few of the things Detroit has to offer.

6 Reasons You Should Take Your Fall Assignment in Wisconsin

Football season has officially started, almost everything is pumpkin-flavored, and school is back in full swing. All of this means only one thing – fall is here! As you’re starting to get ready to finish up your summer travel assignment, consider Wisconsin (a compact state) as one of your top choices for this fall. Check Read more…

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