7 Tips For Finding Your Own Housing

Travel Nurse Housing Tips

As a travel nurse, you’re faced with so many different decisions – one of them being what you’ll do for housing while on assignment. At MSSI, you have two options. The first option is to work with our amazing housing department to find a great place that is paid by the company and fully-furnished. This may be a one-bedroom apartment or an extended stay hotel. Your other option is to take the tax-free housing stipend so you can find your own accommodations. There is no right or wrong choice! If you’re considering finding your own place, take these tips into consideration.

  1. If you’re NOT bringing furniture: Try searching on a vacation rental site (such as Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO) to find a place that is already furnished. Most places offered on these sites also come with utilities and, perhaps, cable and internet already set up. Extended stay hotels, such as Candlewood and Extended Stay America, are also great options.
  2. If you ARE bringing furniture: If you’re planning on bringing the U-Haul, take a look at traditional methods such as apartments.com or other rental sites. Keep in mind to specifically look for short-term leases though.
  3. Keep your options open. Yes, you may have your heart set on a two-bedroom, two-bathroom loft, but playing around with the search options may allow you to find a hidden gem that you would have otherwise missed!
  4. Watch out for the scammers. Many amazing apartments, rooms for rent, and houses can be found through Craigslist. However, be careful as there is no one to guarantee anything at all. (Click here for Craigslist’s tips on avoiding scammers). Never exchange money with a stranger in order to secure an apartment either. Ideally, if you’re going this route, try to arrive a few days early to check the place out. See the next tip.
  5. Arrive a few days early. Some savvy travelers will decide to move to their new city early in order to scout locations in person. Pictures may say a thousand words, but they also may be exceptionally deceiving or just not quite what you’re looking for. By taking the time to see the place first, you know exactly what you’re getting!
  6. Negotiate a deal. If you’re going with a hotel, ask to speak to a manager and let them know how long you’re planning on staying. Hotels almost always have an unpublished rate for long term stays (more than 30 days). There’s a slim change you might not get anywhere, but it never hurts to ask!
  7. Network! Whether through a group on Facebook or by asking around, you might just happen to know someone who has a place exactly where you’re looking to go. There are dozens of Facebook groups specifically for travelers as well. Who knows, your next travel buddy may be on there looking for you!

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