7 Reasons to Become a Travel Nurse

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With the demand for travel nurses at an all-time high, you’ve probably considered becoming one yourself. Sure, it’s a little daunting to make the career change, but the benefits are out of this world. Below, our favorite reasons to start travel nursing.

  1. Get paid to travel. If you’ve been daydreaming about living in a different city, why not get paid to go there? With travel nursing, not only can you choose where you take your assignments, but your agency also pays for you to get there and back. Whether you decide to fly or drive, the choice is yours. *MSSI offers up to a $500 travel stipend. Read more on our benefits here.
  2. Meet different people. Travel nursing gives you the opportunity to meet so many diverse people with unique stories that you wouldn’t have met otherwise. When you meet new people, you are also potentially being introduced to new opportunities, new knowledge, and new perspectives on life.
  3. Enjoy the flexibility. While you are on assignment you’ll have to understand that you are there to fill in the facility’s staffing gaps, but before you even take an assignment you have the option to be submitted for positions with the shifts you want. You can also decide when your start date will be. Some facilities may only offer orientation on certain days of the month, but if you’re hoping to take a few weeks off for that backpacking trip in Europe you’ve always wanted to do, it’s easy to take that time off in-between assignments.
  4. Make new friends. Whenever you start a new assignment, you can count on meeting other travelers and staff nurses that you will be working closely with. You may even meet new lifelong friends and travel companions for future assignments!
  5. Grow your resume. Travel nursing allows you to work at different places where your skills will be challenged for the better. Looking to gain experience in a trauma center? Learn a new charting system? Work at a teaching facility? You can do all of that through travel nursing.
  6. Tax benefits. Your travel nurse salary will consist of three different parts: the regular, taxable portion; a nontaxable amount for Meals and Incidentals; and a nontaxable amount for housing. By having these nontaxable amounts, your take-home pay is more than it would be for a regular staff position. For example, if your hourly rate at home is $30.00 per hour, that would be all taxed. Your rate as a travel nurse at your new facility may be $25.00 per hour taxed, but with an additional $8.50 per hour non-taxable Meals and Incidentals and $16.00 per hour nontaxable housing stipend. That’s an extra $24.50 per hour that you get to take home without being taxed.
  7. Experience new places. A typical travel nurse assignment is 13 weeks, or about three months long. If you decided to commit a year to travel nursing, that could be 3-4 different locations of your choosing. Why not decide to use that for going to all of the places you’ve dreamed of?

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